Journal, blog, mindfart, whatever suits best. Maybe start here.

Just a chap with a lot more time on his hands now trying to figure out what everything they have done means, and what to do next.


  • 30 something, definitely NOT nearly 40 something.
  • Tech and science is my upbringing.
  • Boards and bikes is about it for sport.
  • Don’t really know famous authors, but I like Alastair Reynolds.
  • Alien, Aliens and any related films.
  • Oh and Evil Dead, and Peter Jackson before he got all hobbity.
  • Love to be in love, and to be loved back properly.
  • Apparently I like French Bulldogs now too.
  • God do I love post-mix drinks.



Why do we fear the unknown? Every path we take through life is littered with the unknown – from corners blocking our view of what lurks just beyond them to infinite cosmic musings as to why we are here on these seemingly unending paths. But why are many of these questions connected to a sense …


What does freedom feel like? We are all free, each and every one of us. Perhaps not physically, emotionally or verbally but we are free inside ourselves. So why do we consider ourselves trapped so often? Why do we feel a need to plan an escape? Why feel the desire to tunnel under the barbed …


How do we change the habits of a lifetime? Can a tin man, heart newly returned and full of fear, head packed with sawdust and clockwork gears, truly change? Or is it a return? A return to what he once was before the path he followed became overgrown and unclear, before the world changed him …


I have, and continue to meet people that make me who I am, a person I never expected to be. They are often like family.

If you like what I do, then maybe take a look at what they are up to, maybe they can make you someone you never imagined too.

I promise they don’t bite.

The Unruly
Escape Surf School