Everything starts with a beginning, but this story starts with an end.

It wasn’t the end like the climactic end of a hollywood film, built up slowly over time and building to a crescendo of gunfire and explosions, when finally the big bad guy appears and the final fight occurs. Queue titles. The End.

This was a simple and common thing, it likely has happened to you many times, but it happened to me. This one was different though. The difference was that before this end there had been a new beginning, maybe more, maybe a rebirth.

When this end came it hit like an interplanetary comet, devastating all life on that planet unchangeably, forever. But like the largest of comets it also did something unexpected, and at first unnoticed by the planet’s population: the planet changed its orbit.

While this could have sent the planet into a wild spinning course of self destruction, ending trapped inside the pull of a galactic black hole, it simply adjusted the planet’s course by a single angstrom. Even minute changes cause effects that grow stronger over time, building until their impact cannot be contained.

That cosmic kick began the planet’s journey, slowly building momentum, breaking it free from a millennia long orbit, leading it away from its familiar solar centre, off into the vast unexplored universe beyond.

All ends start with a beginning, and all things come to an end. So let this be a record of this beginning, a journal of the footsteps taken along a new path. The path a long one, unknown to any map, difficult at times, at others heartwarming, but always moving forwards, ever towards the light. Forever Chasing The Sun.

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