What does freedom feel like?

We are all free, each and every one of us. Perhaps not physically, emotionally or verbally but we are free inside ourselves. So why do we consider ourselves trapped so often? Why do we feel a need to plan an escape? Why feel the desire to tunnel under the barbed wire fences in our head and jump the motorbike over societies walls? Because we believe it so, and planning our escape pacifies us to never try and escape, for that is just the stuff of dreams.

Feeling trapped for most of a lifetime is an unhealthy state to exist in for anyone but that could easily describe my life up till now. Opportunities have been vast, choices endless, adventures limitless, yet few were taken and others remain as sour regrets.

My entrapment was mostly self inflicted but rarely chosen by my conscious mind. It has been caused by my ever fearful subconscious deciding protection the better route to take.

So often this was the norm: the safe straight route selected and followed, mind muttering to itself about all the benefits to doing so, slowly convincing it completely that there was no other option.

That is of course until I glance back for a moment to see where I have been, seeing where the other paths may have taken me and what sunny destinations they would have led to. So I take out my book, and regretfully write up another entry under the title “Here’s what you could have won”, then continue down my safe path, hoping for a new junction soon.

So if we are free yet trap ourselves, what need is there to do anything? Just be content in the way of things, just keep calm and carry on. However for some, when the mask of entrapment slips, the path becomes clear in an instant. A lighthouse on a rough sea, suggesting calmer waters lie ahead, a place to rest, a place to settle. At least for a while.

So now, knowing it was only our minds own rope holding us fast, we step forward without old fears and head held high, eyes fixed on the new horizon. Our steps are slow and awkward to start, old sea legs adjusting to this new path, but this is solid ground and the new earth feels welcoming beneath our feet.

Freedom feels like truth, like the unveiling of a new painting, the discovery of an old keepsake thought lost but mostly, it just feels like home. For some, they will live forever content in their bound life, enjoying it’s comforting restrictions that guide them without question. For those like us though, when freedom comes, we accept it wholly and without thought, letting it break free the anchors and setting sail once more for new lands. For in those uncharted waters there may be dragons or perhaps mermaids calling us to the depths, but without question there are untold adventures and treasures beyond imagination.

Set sail traveller, the wind is in your favour.

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